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Ninety Sunsets

Feature Film
Status: Released
After an unforeseen tragedy leaves 10 year old Gavin unable to speak, his mother is about to realize that everything happens for a reason after a fated mishap becomes a destined love nobody sees coming.
Written and directed by Andrea Antonio Canal, Ninety Sunsets is an inspirational Romantic Drama about a country girl devoted to her 2 children and a nonprofit horse rescue, when a city Pilot flies his way into her heart. Although her son may never speak again, God always has a plan; and those who look to His sky with hope, will always find it.

The Meaningful Life of
Art & Henry

TV Pilot
"The Meaningful Life of Art and Henry" is a black comedy about Art, a reclusive alcoholic widower who befriends his unusual neighbor Henry, a recently fired curator of the Puppet Museum who finds out his abusive wife is cheating on him with a mentally challenged vision board artist. Each of them are struggling with the blows of life and the meaningless day to day existence of modern suburbia. Art lost his beloved son in car accident and now recently his cat "Hannibal" was found dead and delivered frozen by Henry who explained that he "left the earthly realm". Henry, because of anger management issues, is dealing with the regret of causing the destruction of the Jim Henson collection, even more he is kicked out by his wife while her "special" lover Percival moves in. Luckily Art lets Henry move in and they decide it's time to start changing and make life worth living again. Written by Edward Reid
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Status: Released
"The Grand Prince of Moscow" is a story of redemption, recovery, and reclamation of seemingly lost life. Abel is a man with a broken soul in the midst of an existential crisis. He finds healing and help in a most unusual way. Through many twists and turns, Abel is in on the road to becoming a better man.

The Grand Prince of Moscow

TV Pilot
Status: Post-Production

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Berlin Club

TV Pilot
Status: Pre-production


TV Pilot
Status: Pre-production
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